Blue Scorcher Bakery Café


Our three-part mission:

Create memorable seasonal foods from fresh local ingredients. We seek out small producers and bring you their heirloom varieties of everything from apples to beans and tomatoes.  If we can get it from within a hundred mile radius we do. We believe in the power of love to affect our food. Everything we sell we make from scratch, using organic ingredients whenever possible.  Sustainability tastes fantastic!

Worker Ownership  Being cooperative means that stewardship of the business is spread out amongst the workers. Everyone who works at the bakery participates in decision-making and has equal opportunity to become an owner of the business.  We strive to enjoy our work, and to attain a livable wage for all. Collectivism is an ancient way of working together, seen in such places as agrarian communities pooling resources at harvest time, fisherman owned canneries, worker owned plywood mills, and even on pirate ships. ONE For ALL and ALL For ONE!     

To us strong community means creating a kinship amongst ourselves, as workers, and with the community we serve with our labor.  We provide a meeting place for people to get healthy food, or just chat over a hot cup of chai, and we create events throughout the year to bring people together. We see success of our goal when we see a variety of people of all ages from babies to our elderly citizens enjoying each other’s company at the Blue Scorcher.  

Part of strengthening community is our commitment to sharing our excess with those in need. Each week we give away loaves of bread to area organizations working to feed the hungry in Clatsop County.

Joyful work, Delicious food, and Strong community.

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