Blue Scorcher Bakery Café


Employment: joyful work at a fair wage

If you are someone with a passion for creating great food using the best seasonal and organic ingredients, consider applying for work with us.

The Blue Scorcher is operated as a worker collective. Successful applicants have not just an aptitude for baking, cooking or barista work, but an interest in being an active part of a democratic workplace. The primary mission of the Bread Collective is to provide ourselves with joyful work. We see this goal best served by:

Providing ourselves with a living wage: We strive to make our goods affordable while balancing our real need to provide a living wage to ourselves. This is still a work in progress. We look forward to achieving our goal of a higher wage this year.

Serving ourselves by serving others: Providing great customer service makes life better for every part of the equation. Making our customers and wholesale accounts happy comes back around to us in really great ways such as word of mouth advertising and general friendliness about town. Applying the same service skills towards each other is also very satisfying; When we work to back each other up with our prep work or during an intensely busy time at the bread bench it builds community between workers.

Clear honest communication: Operating as a worker collective adds a whole second dimension to the work environment beyond the work of production and customer service.. The “kin work” involved in consensus-based decision making and management requires a commitment to communication and trust-building within the work community.  We believe that applying our efforts to this kinwork will improve our lives and ripple forward to improve the future for our children. 


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