Blue Scorcher Bakery Café



Q.  Scorcher?

About 1885 the newly evolved “safety” bicycles with two wheels the same size and pneumatic tires captured the imagination of people everywhere and made bicycles accessible for the first time to everyone, not just daredevils. Ordinary citizens, both men and women, felt the thrill of long rides in the country, leisurely group rides and speed! Some of these early cyclists were especially impressed with the speedy aspect of the new bikes, hence the moniker of “Scorcher” given to both bicycles and their riders. This photo is from a so-called scorcher race in 1893.

Q.  Why have flour prices jumped so much?

From what we have researched the jump in flour prices is influenced by several factors:

  1. *world wide crop failures for several years running - lower yields due to weather.

  2. *farmers switching to growing corn to supply the bio-fuel craze - thereby further reducing available wheat.

  3. *huge increases in fuel costs due to war-mongering, making both farming and transporting of wheat much more expensive.

Q.  Do you make anything Gluten free?

We do make a few pastries regularly: such as Aunt Ethel’s chocolate macaroons from gluten free ingredients.  The cafe features frittata and potatoes at breakfast and the poet’s plate at lunch that are always made with gluten free ingredients. Many of our soups and salads are suitable for those avoiding gluten as well. Ask your server if you have any questions.

We do not make any gluten free breads as our gluten rich environment makes cross contamination inevitable at the bread bench. Please be aware that we mill some of our own flour on premises, and that there may be some air-born wheat. If you are highly sensitive we may not be the best place for you to eat. Friday is Gluten Free Focus day, we will have several pastries, and a lunch special made with gluten free ingredients.

Q.  What is Bread Equity?

Bread Equity is a prepaid account at the Blue Scorcher. Bread Equity participants (aka BE account holders) can take part in several member-only services:

    *Scorcher Delivery Service - a lunch delivery services to     downtown Astoria. “Sustenance the smart way”


    *Coaster Delivery Network - a network of drop off sites for bread and other bakery items in south Clatsop county and on Long Beach Peninsula.

    *Pie-of-the-Month Club - Delicious organic seasonal pies served up monthly.

   *Blue Plate Dinners - Affordable and hearty take home meals inspired by the cuisines of the world.


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